Preparing for ACCA Corporate and Business Law (Global)

ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law

As mentioned in the About page, I’ve decided to tackle ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law in the June 2017 exam session. I will be pursuing the global variant paper and NOT the English variant paper.

Update: I received my reinstatement email from ACCA on the 23 February 2017 and I started studying for the ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law (Global) on the 13 March 2017. I’ve decided to take the CBE version of the exam so that I can take ACCA F5 Corporate Reporting in June 2017 at the paper sitting.

F4 Corporate and Business Law Resources 

To get prepared for this examination, I wanted to find as many reputable resources as possible to assist in my studies. The resources that I found include a combination of study texts, course notes, lectures, past papers and revision kits and the details of the ACCA’s F4 exam.

Study Texts, Course Notes and Lectures

BPP Learning Media is one of the ACCA’s highly recommended publishers and an approved learning partner for content. I’ve decided to go with their text:

Paper F4 Corporate and Business Law (Global): Study Text for Exams up to August 2017

I’ve also decided to compliment the text with Open Tuition’s course notes. If you have not already registered on the Open Tuition website, you should! These are some of the most valuable, yet free resources for ACCA exams:

ACCA F4 Global Variant Notes

Open Tuition suggests using their lectures along with their course notes for maximum effectiveness. I’m extremely grateful for this additional resource, because I cannot afford to take classes.

Take a look at Open Tuition’s ACCA F4 exam technique.

Questions, Past Papers and Revision Kits 

I read somewhere that you should buy the study text and revision and practice kit in pairs. Because I used the BPP F4 study text, I will use their revision kit:

Paper F4 Corporate and Business Law (Global): Practice and Revision Kit for Exams up to August 2017

A student who passed the F4 exam in December 2016 recommended (via the Open Tuition forum) watching all of the Open Tuition lectures, reading the BPP study text,  practicing the questions in the BPP revision kit and purchasing the ACCA practice CBE papers online.

Open Tuition also has an F4 Revision Mock Exam and F4 Practice Questions.

ACCA Exam Resources 

I would recommend that you read ALL of the Business Law exam information listed on the ACCA website. Because ACCA is the provider of the examination, they will provide you with the foundation information that is required.

These are the F4 Corporate and Business Law (Global) resources that I found:

F4 Exam Aims and Updates

F4 Guidance from the Examining Team

F4 Past Exam Papers

F4 Specimen Examinations 

F4 Syllabus and Study Guide

F4 Technical Articles

ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law Study Timetable

My plan is to begin studying in the middle of March. Because ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law is a very wordy paper, I think that I could benefit from the extra weeks of study. I’ve created a tentative study timetable, so that I can stay on track over the next few months. I used this method of study for a previous qualification that I took and I believe that it will work for these exams as well.

The exam is scheduled for Friday, 9 June 2017 and I’ve created a timetable with that date in mind. I’ve used the main headings of the syllabus and study guide to create my study plan. I’ve also included dates for exam practice because this is absolutely necessary if I want to pass this exam.

Are you an ACCA student who has already completed ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law? What are some of your most helpful tips for students aiming to pass this exam in one try?

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