ACCA Performance Management (PM) Syllabus and Study Guide

ACCA F5 Performance Management Syllabus and Study Guide

The ACCA F5 Performance Management Syllabus and Study Guide is the starting point for all courses and classes. If you are pursuing studies with a reputable, ACCA approved learning provider, you should cover every topic that is listed in the syllabus and study guide. If you retaking an examination, you must check the new syllabus and study guide to see if there are any changes to what will be examined.

The ACCA F5 Performance Management Syllabus builds on the content in the ACCA F2 Management Accounting paper. If you do not have a solid foundation in this paper or you were given an exemption, you should review the main topics for clarity. ACCA F5 is also closely related to ACCA P5 Advanced Performance Management.

ACCA F5 Performance Management Syllabus and Study Guide

You should note that all topics listed in the ACCA F5 Performance Management Syllabus and Study Guide can appear in the exam paper. Major areas of the syllabus include budgeting, variances, costing and decision making. Changes in the paper from the last syllabus are noted in the document.

A Specialist cost and management accounting techniques

1. Activity-based costing
2. Target costing
3. Life-cycle costing
4. Throughput accounting
5. Environmental accounting

B Decision-making techniques

1. Relevant cost analysis
2. Cost volume analysis
3. Limiting factors
4. Pricing decisions
5. Make-or-buy and other short-term decisions
6. Dealing with risk and uncertainty in decision-making

C Budgeting and control

1. Budgetary systems and types of budget
2. Quantitative analysis in budgeting
3. Standard costing
4. Material mix and yield variances
5. Sales mix and quantity variances
6. Planning and operational variances
7. Performance analysis

D Performance measurement and control

1. Performance management information systems
2. Sources of management information
3. Management reports
4. Performance analysis in private sector organisations
5. Divisional performance and transfer pricing
6. Performance analysis in not-for-profit organisations and the public sector
7. External considerations and behavioural aspects

It does not matter how you decide to study for the ACCA F5 paper – you should always refer to the syllabus and study guide for guidance. At the very minimum, you should cover the entire syllabus in your reading and then again in your practice questions. The ACCA F5 Case Study Guide is a thorough guide that consists of notes used to prepare for the ACCA F5 Performance Management examination.

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