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Accounks - Developing a Strong Study Ethic - Updated
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Developing a Strong Study Ethic

If you are a student in any field, developing a strong study ethic can be the push that you need to get through your studies. Many students who are pursing online studies or self studying often find it difficult to focus.Most of my tertiary studies were conducted via online study. Although it’s similar to sitting […]

Accounks - ACCA Exam Lessons - Updated
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ACCA Exam Lessons: What I’ve Learnt So Far

Since I’ve started back studying, I’ve realised many things about myself and what works in my current situation. I’ve also learnt many important ACCA exam lessons which could contribute to my future success in my remaining ACCA exams. To be honest, I’ve thought about quitting this journey many times. But because the future for Accounting, […]