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If you are a student in any field, developing a strong study ethic can be the push that you need to get through your studies. Many students who are pursing online studies or self studying often find it difficult to focus.Most of my tertiary studies were conducted via online study. Although it’s similar to sitting in a classroom, it requires a bit more discipline.

Developing a strong study ethic, will aid you both in the traditional study setting and in the newer study settings such as online learning and distance learning. The biggest motivation behind a strong and effective study ethic, is that you will be successful in your studies and therefore achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

On this current ACCA journey, I’ve suffered because of a poor study ethic. However, one of the things that I find that helps is to think of the reasons why I am pursuing your studies. This is a great motivator and a great life lesson, because it forces me to think of the life that I desire.

Here are a few things that you can do to develop a strong study ethic:

1. Develop Self- Discipline

Self-discipline can be the most difficult aspect of developing a strong study ethic. When life happens, we tend to drop the things that are easiest to let go. You should set aside a specific time and place for studying and make the practice a habit. I try to set specific times to study each day – early on mornings before work and on evenings before I go to bed.

2. Focus on your Studies

When you focus on your studies, you make up in your mind that you will not let distractions into your life and detract you from studying. You must take the steps to make your studies a priority and strive to do them well at all times. I keep telling myself to remember the reasons why I am pursuing these studies.

3. Manage Your Time

If you are working, studying and supporting a family at the same time, then you already know that time is very precious. Time management dictates that you create smart schedules for your life and that you stick to them. I’m trying to keep my work time under control and in my studies, I’ve tried to split my study time into reading and revision.

4. Stop Procrastinating

No. You cannot afford to put off studying until “later.” When you make procrastination a habit, you are giving yourself the tools that you need to fail the exam. Do not give yourself a pass to study later. Study now. I’m a big procrastinator, but creating a strict schedule using a daily planner for my life has been a huge help.

5. Set Small Goals

Creating small goals for your study schedule is a sure way to make the process more enjoyable. As you progress through the course material and reach goals that you have set for yourself, you will be more motivated to keep studying. I try to create weekly milestones for my studies, so that they can motivate me to keep pushing.

6. Stay Healthy

Many of us ignore our health because we are too bogged down by everything else that’s going on in our lives. Students need to make sure that they are healthy and strong so that they can retain the information they are studying. Listen to your body. I’ve been struggling with sinus issues for the past few months, but now that I know what the triggers are, I am better equipped to deal with the flare ups.

7. Create a Work Life Balance

As a full time worker, you may have many responsibilities that require you to work late hours which cut into your study time. You have to be more effective at work, so that it does not rule your life. In the past, work has negatively impacted my studies. I’ve already cut back on the hours that i work so that I can focus on my priorities.

8. Take Care of Yourself

In addition to saying healthy, you have to take care of yourself. This includes getting the right amount of sleep each night, eating the right food, taking time away from work and studying to relax and refresh. I take care of myself by going for walks, reading for pleasure and staying away from junk food.

9. Network With Like Minds

It does not hurt to network with other people who are on a similar track as you. Connect with people in your organisation who are also studying and mix with them. If they are as motivated as you, you should be able to feed off each other. I found a study partner at work, and this has motivated me to put in additional studies.

10. Be Honest With Yourself

You know what has to be done and when. When you fail an exam or do not get the results that you wanted, you should conduct an honest assessment of yourself and whether the result matches your performance. On my previous exam failures, I knew that I did not study as I should and that my study ethic was lacking.

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