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Yes. It’s official. I failed my ACCA Exam twice. I did not pass the ACCA F5 exam on my second try. I’m no stranger to failing exams, so I was expecting the wide ranging amount of emotions that came with the email on that fateful Sunday night. I was sad that I was unable to get over this hurdle, but more angry than anything else.

My anger stemmed from the fact that I am the only reason why I failed. My actions directly and negatively impacted my exam performance. I had taken on too many projects and I could not get them completed in time for the exam. Knowing this, I should not have signed up for the last exam session, but instead I should have waited for the following session. This is because I would have had more time to get ready. More time to practice. More time to secure a pass.

Why Did I Fail Again?

As with the previous failure, I know exactly where I went wrong. I simply did not spend enough time studying. After the first failure, my modus operandi was clear – practice questions until I knew them by heart. But what I realised was that there were some concepts in the ACCA F5 syllabus that were still fuzzy. So, time was spent going over these concepts and then a mad rush to get in some question practice.

Despite my previous promises to dedicate more time to studying, that did not materialise as I had hoped. I was able to push some studying in a weekend boot camp with a study partner. She was preparing for a P level exam and she suggested that I join in the hard core session. If I had joined her crazy but focused study sessions at least a month earlier, I would have passed the ACCA F5 exam in my last sitting.

At one point during preparations, I wrote ACCA asking if it was too late to withdraw from the exam session. I knew that I was not progressing as I should and I was desperately trying to salvage the money that I paid for the exam. But I was too late. I had missed the date by about two weeks. This was right around the time that I had my doubts. I realise that from the time the doubts about being ready entered my mind, I should have contacted ACCA.

March 2018 Exam Session

So, I’ve decided that I will not be taking the ACCA F5 exam in the December 2017 session. Since I failed the ACCA exam twice, I need to be a bit more prepared. Instead, I will sign up for the March 2018 exam session, with a clear mind and a better understanding about what is in store. Between now and March 2018, there is more than enough time to get learn everything that I need to know about the ACCA F5 exam.

A comment was left on one of my ACCA F5 posts ( the one where I talked about failing the ACCA F5 exam the first time) and the writer mentioned that they had failed the ACCA F5 exam twice before they found the right study approach. The advice is perfect for me at this time simply because it’s direct and straight to the point. This is exactly what I will be doing in a few short weeks. I’m currently going over my study guide, which will be available for sale soon. I believe that my guide along with exam questions will be the golden formula to get over that glorious 49 mark.

Although I was heartbroken about the failure, I realised that this course is not a joke. If you’re finding it difficult to grasp the concepts or struggling with relating the ACCA F5 learning material to a practical situation, then you will find my ACCA F5 study guide very helpful. You can subscribe here to be one of the first to find out when the guide is ready.

I remember I failed an ACCA exam twice ( maybe three times) when I was pursuing the former Diploma in Financial Management. A work supervisor told me that I should just quit, because I was not able to pass in my second try. But guess what? I told her that I was not going to give up, and I eventually passed the exam and gained the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business. I’m not a quitter – never was and never will be.

Have you ever failed an ACCA exam twice? How did you bounce back to pass on your third try?

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