Last Minute ACCA Performance Management Exam Prep

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This is the last lap for ACCA F5 exam prep. It’s been rough staying on schedule using my study plan. Life has been happening at a random pace and it feels as though my head is going to pop. I have not been putting in the amount of work that I should have, but I’m now trying to make up for lost time.

Last Minute ACCA F5 Exam Prep

In the last few weeks leading up to the examination, I’ve been taking a number of steps to get more of the information into my head. Admittedly, this syllabus is not hard but it requires lots of practice and at least a couple hours of study each day. I have done neither.

What I have done, though, is to get acquainted with the exam format. Because there will be multiple choice questions, one must know every nook and cranny of the syllabus. I’m also reading and re-reading as much of the examiners’ reports as I can so that the information sticks.

ACCA F5 Exam Videos

I’ve been watching/ listening to as many ACCA F5 exam videos on YouTube and on Open Tuition as possible. These are free and helpful and I can listen to them on the go. I’ve had great success listening to the London School of Business and Finance lectures, Map It Accountancy lectures and Open Tuition lectures. There are also some random videos dedicated to the exam that have also popped into my feed.

ACCA F5 Exam Questions

I purchased the BPP Revision and Exam Kit, but I have not been using it as I should. To date, I’ve gone hard on Activity Based Costing questions, but I also need to up the ante on variances, budgets and the other costing methods. Map It Accountancy has an excellent guide on Activity Based Costing that is a must read. It takes you through each step of the calculations with detailed explanations.

ACCA F5 Exam Practice Tests

I have not taken any practice tests, which is ridiculous. At this stage I had hoped to had taken at least two tests. On the weekend before the examination, I will strive to take at least two tests and then one on the day before the examination.

ACCA F5 Flash Cards

To get even more information into my head for the examination, I created some flashcards. These were all posted on Instagram and are free for use by anyone and everyone. I found that creating the cards was a helpful exercise, but I wish that I had started a bit sooner. I do not think that I will be able to get through all of the syllabus topics in time for the examination.

Final Thoughts

I’m not where I though that I would have been. But, in this final week, I will try to increase my ACCA F5 exam prep work load and push a bit harder. Will I pass? I’m not sure, but I’ve already decided that I will keep pushing at this. I think that I’ve learnt my lesson – hard work, commitment and discipline pay off.

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  1. All the ACCA exam most important part is practice the revision kit more. And go through all the syllabus each and every point. This is the best solution to fearlessly cover all ACCA exam.

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