Preparing for ACCA Performance Management (PM)

Preparing for ACCA F5 Performance Management

I will be taking ACCA F5 Performance Management on Wednesday, 7 June 2017.

ACCA F5 Performance Management Resources 

To prepare for this examination, I once again reviewed the list of ACCA approved resources for my studies. As with the other exams, I will be using a study text, course notes, lectures, past papers and revision kits and the details of the ACCA’s F5 exam.

Study Texts, Course Notes and Lectures

BPP Learning Media has been in existence for a very long time and they have gained recognition as one of the ACCA’s highly recommended publishers and an approved learning partner for content. For the exam, I will study using the following text:

Paper F5 Performance Management : Study Text for Exams up to June 2017

I will continue to supplement this text with Open Tuition’s course notes. I found that the information is easy to understand and definitely simplifies some of the more difficult concepts in the text. Spare a few minutes and register on the Open Tuition website – you will not regret it.

ACCA F5 Performance Management Notes

Open Tuition advises students to watch their lectures and follow along with their course notes for maximum effectiveness. This is a significant boost to my strategy and it was helpful for my F4 studies. 

Take a look at Open Tuition’s ACCA F5 exam tips as well as their free F5 study guide.

Questions, Past Papers and Revision Kits 

My plan is to use the BPP F5 revision kit to prepare for the exam. I will also beef it up with other question banks.

Paper F5 Performance Management: Practice and Revision Kit

Recent posts in the Open Tuition F5 forum revealed that the most recent exam was difficult, especially the multiple choice section. Multiple choice questions require a thorough knowledge of all topics. There is no room for skipping topics.

In addition to its valuable forum, Open Tuition also has an F5 Revision Mock Exam, F5 Pass cardsF5 Practice Questions and a live F5 Revision Kit.

ACCA Exam Resources 

As I have for the F1, F2, F3 and F4 examinations, I would recommend that you read ALL of the exam information listed on the ACCA website. Because ACCA is the provider of the examination, they will provide you with the basic information that is required to prepare.

These are the F5 Performance Management resources that I found:

F5 Exam Aims and Updates

F5 Guidance from the Examining Team

F5 Past Exam Papers

F5 Specimen Examinations 

F5 Syllabus and Study Guide

F5 Technical Articles

F5 Exam Formulae and Maths Tables

ACCA F5 Performance Management Study Timetable

My studies begin on the 10 April and will end on the day before the examination. I have resolved in my mind that I must study everyday. This blog is an attempt to keep on track and post my notes so that I can access them from anywhere. Weekends will be gold mines that I will use to take in additional information. I’ve created a solid study timetable, so that I can stay on track over the next few months. I used this method of study for a previous qualification that I took and I believe that it will work for these exams as well.

The exam is scheduled for Wednesday, 7 June 2017 and I’ve created a timetable with that date in mind. I’ve used the main headings of the syllabus and study guide to create my study plan. I’ve also included dates for exam practice because this is absolutely necessary if I want to pass this exam.

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