Preparing for ACCA Accountant in Business

Preparing for F1

There are several ACCA approved content partners for the ACCA F1 Accountant in Business examination. I would recommend that you read reviews for the paid resources before making your decision. And also consider your preferred learning style.

Here are links to some of the preferred study texts for the ACCA F1 Accountant in Business examination:

Paper F1 Accountant in Business (BPP)

Paper F1 Accountant in Business (Kaplan)

Paper F1 Accountant in Business (Becker)

Paper F1 Accountant in Business (Emile Woolf)

If you need lectures to assist with the work that you’re doing, I would recommend Open Tuition. They also offer course notes which are aligned with the lectures. It would be in your best interest to sign up on Open Tuition’s website.

I love Open Tuition and I will encourage all ACCA students to take advantage of their website. Here is a link to their ACCA F1 Accountant in Business course notes: These are some of the most valuable, yet free resources for ACCA exams:

Paper F1 Accountant in Business (Open Tuition)

Open Tuition also offers F1 Flashcards which will be useful for retaining information as well as for revision.

There is also another ACCA F1 Accountant in Business resource that I found. Acowtancy is a free online learning resource for accounting students. Take a look at their free F1 textbook.

Because this is the first examination in the ACCA qualification, you should take advantage of all of the resources that are available to you.

ACCA F1 Questions, Past Papers and Revision Kits 

Whichever study text you purchase, you should also buy the matching revision kit:

Paper F1 Accountant in Business Practice and Revision Kit (BPP)

Paper F1 Accountant in Business Exam Kit (Kaplan)

Paper F1 Accountant in Business Revision Question Bank (Becker)

For more practice, Open Tuition also has an F1 Revision Mock Exam and extra F1 questions.

Acowtancy provides a test centre and an exam centre.

ACCA F1 Exam Resources

Please ensure that you read ALL of the F1 exam information listed on the ACCA website. As a new student, you will need all of the information that you can get, so that you can to get through the examinations successfully.

These are the F1 Accountant in Business resources that I found:

F1 Syllabus and Study Guide 

F1 Guidance from the Examining Team 

F1 Specimen Examinations

F1 Practice Tests

F1 Technical Articles

F1 Self-Study Guides


ACCA F1 Accountant in Business Study Timetable

I would suggest that you create a timetable for the F1 exam, so that you can have a steady study schedule. Your schedule should assume that you will begin studying on the first Sunday of the month following the end of the last examinations. So, if you are preparing for the March 2017 exam, you should have started studying on the 01 January 2017. If you are studying for the June examination, you should begin studying on the 01 April 2017.

Let me know how you are progressing in your studies and if the timetable is working for you.

Are you an ACCA student who has already completed ACCA F1 Accountant in Business? What are some of your most helpful tips for students aiming to pass this exam in one try?

9 thoughts on “Preparing for ACCA Accountant in Business”

  1. I follow your blog for ACCA Study materials, past paper and your collection of BPP and Kaplan really help us. In the one platform, you collect BPP and Kaplan notes, great job.

  2. I start to prepare my self-study note following by Kaplan & BPP and also use the Open tuitions article. Solve my all queries with Open tuition forum. Is this enough for F1 Paper?

    1. You should also purchase an exam kit. One of the things I learnt from Open Tuition is that exam question practice will make a big difference in your studies and preparation.

    1. Most definitely. They’re excellent because of the variety of free resources on their site. Also, make sure that you follow the forums and ask questions if you do not understand a particular topic. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sharon… It does not matter if you self study or take classes. All that matters is that gorgeous certificate that shows your name when you have received the ACCA qualification. 🙂 The key is to figure out your learning style so that you can choose the study method that will bring you the desired success.

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