Preparing for ACCA Financial Accounting

ACCA F3 Financial Accounting

Even though I’ve been exempted from the first three ACCA examinations, I’ve sourced helpful resources those preparing for the ACCA F3 Financial Accounting exam.

ACCA F3 Financial Accounting Resources

Here are some reputable resources which will be helpful to your studies. The resources include a combination of study texts, course notes, lectures, past papers and revision kits and the details of the ACCA’s F3 exam resources.

ACCA F3 Study Texts, Course Notes and Lectures

Below is a list of paid F3 study texts prepared by ACCA approved content providers. Before purchasing, assess each product by looking at the reviews and their fit with your learning style.

Open Tuition, one of the best accounting exams websites offers free ACCA F3 lectures. Their course notes are designed to accompany their free lecture notes. If you are interested in what Open Tuition, you should register on the site so that you can access these resources.

Here is a link to Open Tuition’s ACCA F3 Financial Accounting lectures.

Here is a link to Open Tuition’s ACCA F3 Financial Accounting course notes.

Open Tuition also has F3 Flashcards which must be used on the websites. They are good for memorising and testing your knowledge of some of the concepts for the exam.

Acowtancy, an accounting website has F3 study resources as well including a free F3 text book.

ACCA F3 Questions, Past Papers and Revision Kits

Whichever study text you purchase, you should also buy the matching revision kit:

Remember to take a look at Open Tuition’s F3 Revision Mock Exam, F3 practice questions, and an F3 revision kit which includes lectures.

A quick glance of Acowtancy’s ACCA F3 resources revealed that they have an F3 exam centre, F3 test centre  and a combination of free and paid online classes.

ACCA F3 Exam Resources

Before you begin your studies, you should read all of the F3 exam information listed on the ACCA website. The information will be helpful as you progress through the ACCA F3 examinations.

These are the F3 Financial Accounting resources that I found:

ACCA F3 Financial Accounting Study Timetable

To study for the ACCA F3 Financial Accounting examination, you should create a study timetable which outlines a steady study schedule. The study timetable should detail what you will be studying each day.

Although it may difficult initially, you should get into a rhythm of studying at least two hours each day. I find that waking up an hour earlier on mornings is a good way to get in some additional studying. And, putting in an extra hour on evenings will cement what you went through in the morning.

Where possible, listen to the Open Tuition lectures throughout the day so that you can get accustomed to some of the concepts.

How will you prepare for the ACCA F3 examinations? Leave your comments and questions below.

If you’re preparing for the ACCA F2 Management Accounting examination, take a look at the resources that you will need for the exam.

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  1. Thanks for providing the ACCA F3 paper link of BPP and Kaplan book. Can you also provide the study guidelines for exam preparation and what we follow BPP or Kaplan for each paper?

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