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The next exam that I will be taking is the ACCA F6 Taxation (UK) paper. I have not finalized a date for the exam, but I suspect that it will either be September 2018 or December 2018.

As with the previous papers, I’ve decided to highlight the resources that I will be utilizing for the exam. Past experience has taught me that my notes should be excellent enough that I can quickly refer to them at any time. And, they must also be thorough enough for anyone to follow. I’ve also learnt that past exam and practice questions are necessary if you want to pass any ACCA exam confidently.

I will be continuing on my self-study journey, because I know exactly what needs to be done. You should perform a strategic self-analysis that will provide you with a detailed look at your study ethic. If you are not disciplined, you should sign up for classes, so that you can benefit from a structured learning environment.

ACCA F6 Taxation is one of those papers that has several variants. I will be using the United Kingdom variant. Bear in mind that there are differences between paper versions, because they may use different examinable documents. Please ensure that you refer to ACCA’s examinable documents database for specific details about the variant that you will be taking.

ACCA F6 Taxation (UK) Resources 

ACCA is very good at providing resources that will help you to prepare for the examination. For ACCA F6 Taxation and any other ACCA exam that you are taking, make it a point to print, read and re-read all of the technical articles published for the paper.

Additionally, you will need a good set of notes. You can opt to purchase my study guides, which are case study based; download Open Tuition’s free lecture notes or purchase approved study guides. For my most recent exam sitting, I used a combination of free and paid resources to prepare for the examination. This included my study guide and course notes, lectures on You Tube, past papers from the ACCA website and revision kits from the top publishers.


It is imperative that you read all of the information that ACCA has posted for the F6 Taxation exam paper. This is the first set of information that you should accumulate for the exam.

These are the Taxation paper resources that are available on the ACCA official website:

F6 Guidance from the Examining Team

F6 Self Study Guide

F6 Examinable Documents

F6 Paper Exam Specimens

F6 Past Papers (Paper)

F6 CBE Exam Specimens

F6 Past Papers (CBE)

F6 CBE Mock Exams

F6 Syllabus and Study Guide

F6 Technical Articles

Study Texts and Lectures

I find that making notes from all of the top study guides makes understanding the paper a lot easier. This is how I make my notes, which are thorough and explain everything that the syllabus mentions. For the ACCA F6 Taxation examination, I will be referring to several texts, to give myself a solid foundation.

My texts of choice are as follows:

BPP Paper F6 Taxation (UK): Study Text for Exams up to June 2017

Kaplan ACCA Paper F6 Taxation Complete Text

Becker ACCA Study Text – Taxation – United Kingdom – Finance Act 2017

Open Tuition ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) (F6)


There are a few reputable sources which offer online and face to face classes for the ACCA exams. Most of these schools provide additional tutor support, access to question banks and lectures.

Acowtancy: Acowtancy is a online based class portal for ACCA examinations. There is a free ACCA F6 course, but it’s limited to a few sessions. To access additional sessions, you will have to pay a fee.

Learn Signal: Learn Signal delivers online classes for exams of your choice. The ACCA F6 Taxation course is structured with quizzes, lectures and a question bank. If you want to try out Learn Signal, take advantage of their free trial.

LSBF: LSBF Online is an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner that offers a range of study options. Options for ACCA F6 Taxation include ACCA tuition, ACCA Live Tuition and ACCA Revision.

Open Tuition: Open Tuition is the best free tuition website on the market. To truly benefit from the site, you must be a registered member. Their texts are easy to understand and should be used in conjunction with their lectures for maximum benefit.

Questions, Past Papers, Revision Kits and Mock Exams

My plan is to use as many past papers, revision kits and mock exams that I can find. Practicing questions is the only way that you will be prepared for the exam.

BPP Paper Taxation: Practice and Revision Kit

Kaplan ACCA Paper F6 Taxation Exam Kit

Becker ACCA F6 Taxation Revision Question Bank

ACCA F6 Taxation Study Timetable

My aim for the ACCA F6 Taxation exam, is to use a study timetable so that I can schedule a study session for each day.

My approach will be the same. I will post my notes on this blog, so that anyone can benefit from them at anytime and from anywhere. For more concise notes, you can opt to purchase my ACCA F6 Taxation study guide. You should also subscribe to this blog. I usually share interesting study tips that are shared with me or that I find during my studies.

If you want to pass your ACCA exams, you have to be committed. These exams are not the type of exam that you can cram the night before and expect to pass. It takes hard work and dedication and a lot of time.

Let’s get this.

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  1. I passed f6 on the first attempt with a 55% marks. This was my approach; for this paper follow the course notes..its available for free on their website and they have broken down the syllabus into very simple easy to understand sentences. There are many small technical rules which you have to remember, but it’s relatively an easier paper (than say F5) if you are willing to put in the time and effort. As always the secret is to practice as many revision kit (bpp or kplan, i used kaplan for this exam) questions as you can. Try to do the kit thrice (atleast twice). This will ensure you to get a pass. good luck 🙂

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