If you have made the decision to become a qualified ACCA, but not sure about the tools and resources to use, you’ve come to the right place. This is a comprehensive ACCA exams toolkit available online to help you find the best ACCA study materials.

From the time I decided that I was going to start studying again, I started looking for as many resources as possible. At the beginning of 2017, I also created a line item in my budget for my studies. Because I created a plan of how much my studies will cost, this monthly allocation is enough to cover the exams, study texts and revision kits.

ACCA Study Guides

Since I will be starting with F5 – Performance Management, there are several books that I’ve found that cover this paper. Because I’ve heard good reviews about BPP, I will use them for my first exam. There are free study guides online, but I’m going to start with the ACCA approved learning materials. Here are some other suggestions for other resources which some ACCA students have used them with great success.

ACCA Classes

If you cannot study on your own, then ACCA classes are your best option. There are a variety of online and face-to-face options which can be completed either full time or part time.

ACCA Past Papers and Exam Questions

No doubt I will need past papers and revision questions because my research has shown that practice is critical to ACCA exam success.

Some past papers are free and available online, but some exam question banks will have to be purchased. Please note that the ACCA exam changes frequently, so an exam paper from 2002 might not be relevant to 2017 exams.

I’ve decided to go with the BPP F4 Corporate and Business Law Revision Kit. I read that when studying, you should pair the study text and revision texts by the same publisher.

If you’ve decided to go with Kaplan for the study text, you should also purchase Kaplan F4 Corporate and Business Law Past Papers.

ACCA Blogs and Websites

I was hoping to find some ACCA student blogs that I could use for guidance during my journey. However, there were just a couple, and those that I found were outdated and no longer relevant.

ACCA Forums

Forums are a good way to interact with others who are studying for their ACCA exams. The best forums are active and their members post questions and suggestions daily.

Mobile Applications

ACCA provides accounting apps for ACCA students and accounting professionals.

If you are new to studying for the ACCA exams, then you should begin by getting familiar with ACCA, their role in accountancy, expectations of ACCA students and your responsibilities.