ACCA Study Guides

To fully understand the content of each course, many students utilise ACCA study guides and notes from established publishers.  Publishers like BPP, Kaplan and Emile Wolf sell hard copy and soft copy study guides, whilst sites like Open Tuition, Acowtancy and Accounks provide free notes.  In addition to these study guides noted here, students should purchase practice exams. Additional study aids such as pass cards and audio recordings are also available from select providers.

Applied Knowledge Study Guides

Accountant in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA) fall under the Applied Knowledge level. This is an introductory suite of courses that provides a “broad understanding” of basic accounting techniques.

Accountant in Business (AB)

Accountant in Business (AB) explains the concepts of business operations and how businesses can operate efficiently, effectively and ethically.

The following study guides are available for the Accountant in Business examination:

Management Accounting (MA)

Management Accounting (MA) teaches the management accounting techniques that are used to manage businesses. These techniques are critical to planning, controlling and monitoring performance in the business.

The following study guides are available for the Management Accounting examination:

Financial Accounting (FA)

Financial Accounting (FA) teaches the basic principles of financial accounting, accounting techniques and how to prepare basic financial statements.

The following study guides are available for the Financial Accounting examination:

Applied Skills Study Guides

The Applied Skills courses build on the understanding gained in the Applied Knowledge level and encourage the practical application of core concepts. The six (6) courses in this level are Corporate and Business Law (LW), Performance Management (PM), Taxation (TX), Financial Reporting (FR), Audit and Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM).

Corporate and Business Law (LW)

Corporate and Business Law (LW), which is based on national law, introduces students to the legal framework and its relationship with business. This exam has several variants including Global (GLO), Singapore (SGP) and South Africa (ZAF). Students, whose national law is not listed are advised to take either the Global (GLO) or the United Kingdom (UK) variants.

The following study guides are available for the Corporate and Business Law examination:

Performance Management (PM)

Performance Management encourages students to adequately apply management accounting and budgeting techniques for planning, decision-making and performance measurement, evaluation and control.

The following study guides are available for the Performance Management examination:

Taxation (TX)

Taxation (TX) is based on national tax regimes and allows students to develop their knowledge of how tax is applied to individuals, single companies and groups of companies. There are several variants available, and students whose national taxes are not offered, are advised to take the UK variant.

The following study guides are available for the Taxation examination:

Financial Reporting (FR)

Financial Reporting (FR) is an application of accounting standards in the preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Students must gain an understanding and appreciation of international accounting standards.

The following study guides are available for the Financial Reporting examination:

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Audit and Assurance (AA) will enable students to understand the process and importance of the audit and assurance function and the auditor’s role, internal controls and the going concern principle.

The following study guides are available for the Audit and Assurance examination:

Financial Management (FM)

Financial Management (FM) examines the role of the finance manager and decisions to be made with respect to investments, financing and dividend policy. Students will develop an understanding of the role and purpose of the financial management function in a company.

The following study guides are available for the Financial Management examination:

Strategic Professional Study Guides

Strategic Professional courses combine concepts and experience from the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels. Students are given the tools to further develop management and business skills and the option to specialise in areas of their choice. All students are required to take the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) and Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) courses and then choose two (2) courses from Advanced Financial Management (AFM), Advanced Performance Management (APM), Advanced Taxation (ATX) and Advanced Audit Assurance (AAA).

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

Strategic Business Leader (SBL) requires students to analyse a case study using their technical, ethical and professional skills and respond through evaluation, synthesis and presentations.

The following study guides are available for the Strategic Business Leader examination:

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the previous levels. Students are required to demonstrate their competences within the business reporting environment.

The following study guides are available for the Strategic Business Reporting examination:

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

Advanced Financial Management (AFM) requires students to apply the knowledge and skills of a senior finance executive and make sound decisions and recommendations on how organisations in both the public and private sectors manage their finances.

The following study guides are available for the Advanced Financial Management examination:

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

Advanced Performance Management (APM) expects students to exercise the relevant knowledge, skills and judgement when selecting and applying strategic management accounting techniques.

The following study guides are available for the Advanced Performance Management examination:

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

Advanced Taxation (ATX) is a multi-variant examination that implores students to provide relevant and sound tax advice to individuals and businesses. Variants include Cyprus (CYP); Hong Kong (HKG); Ireland (IRL); Malaysia (MYS); Malta (MLA); Singapore (SGP); South Africa (ZAF) and the United Kingdom (UK). Students are advised to study the UK variant if their national tax is not listed.

The following study guides are available for the Advanced Taxation examination:

Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International) (AAA)

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) builds on the content covered in Audit and Assurance (AA). Students should be comfortable analysing, evaluating and concluding on the audit and assurance process and issues.

The following study guides are available for the Advanced Audit and Assurance examination:

When purchasing study guides, make every effort to obtain the most current version. This will ensure that you are using guides that take exam changes and examinable periods and documents into consideration. For some examinations, regulations that were issued or passed on before 31 August each year, will be assessed from 01 September of the following year to 31 August of the year after.